Q: What is Escort Service Antwerp?
A: Escort Service Antwerp is a collective escort information platform, listing the largest selection of Antwerp escorts. Escort Service Antwerp only works with the fully registered and fully licensed escort agencies in Antwerp. Our escort information service is available for anybody and is FREE to use. We do NOT charge any FEES to our callers.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Browse the Escort Service Antwerp website and choose your girl(s). Once you have chosen your selected girl(s), call the Escort Service Antwerp telephone number displayed in the top right of each page. We will put you into direct contact with the escort agency and you can make your reservation.

Q: How do I cancel an existing reservation?
A: As you make the reservation directly with the independently operating escort girl or an escorts girls agency the same applies when you want to cancel your reservation. Always make sure that you have the contact details when making an appointment. Notice that escorts in Antwerp require payment up front.

Q: Do I pay anything to Escort Service Antwerp?
A: Escort Service Antwerp is a complementary service and thus completely FREE! Your payment is made directly to the escort girl or the escort agency at the Escort Service Antwerp rates provided on our website.

Q: How do I pay for the reservation I made through Escort Service Antwerp?
A: After selecting a girl or girls on the Escort Service Antwerp website, you call the number on the website. We will take down your details and requirements and get the escort agency that represents your escort girl to call you back and arrange for the booking. Payments will be made according to their payment terms. Please not that Antwerp escort agencies require payment up front. Generally payment can be made by credit card. Cash payment is accepted as well. Discrete handling of your personal information is well taken care of within the Antwerp Escort industry.

Q: Are there escort girls or escort agencies in Antwerp where a minimum age applies?
A: Yes. Most escorts in Antwerp work with minimum age restrictions. In general the escort girls and escort agencies in Antwerp apply a minimum age of either 18 or 21 years old.